Make a smart investment in your future!

 Save money on your utility bills

    Heat pumps provide the most cost-effective heating and cooling solution.
    By using 1 kWh electricity, you can get an average 4 kWh of heat from the outdoor environment.

Leave your property worries behind

  • Our IT solution provides you with 24/7 secure access to your property 
  • With our camera system, you can receive an automatic alert and picture notification of any activity in your garden or garage, while it's recorded as well.
  • Get automated alerts for smoke alarms or flood detectors
  • control and monitor your heating remotely with ease.
  • Stay up-to-date with your electricity consumption

Heating & Cooling

Base package:
Split aircon

Installing the outdoor unit(s)
running the pipes and wires in decorative trunking

-Chasing pipes and cables into the wall
-Running the condensation water to drain pipes
-Multi outdoor unit

You have a range of manufacturers to choose from:
( Xtreme Save Pro, All Easy Pro, Breezeless+, Oasis Plus, Gaia )
(Silence, Deluxe, Dual Cool & Pure, Art Cool Mirror, Athena)
(Stylish, Emura, Comfora, Perfera, Ururu Sarara)
(Diamond, Kompakt, Komfort, Premium)
(BZ, TZ, Etherea)

Smart Home Solutions

woman in orange sleeveless top sitting on couch

Base package:
-Rack cabinet with UPS and power strip
- Mikrotik router for secure access
- Network Video Recorder (for CCTV)
-Smart home Hub

Optionally IT:
- Wired network points (cat6)
- In / Outdoor WiFi access points

Security Camera system
Indoor cameras
Out door cameras

Smart home additions
Heat and smoke detectors
Leakage sensor
Window / Door sensor
Motion Sensor
Smart sockets and switches



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